Hi, my name is Mickey Melchiondo. I also go by the name Dean Ween, or Deaner. I play guitar and fish for a living. I’m a licensed charter boat Captain with the United States Coast Guard. I run charters out of Belmar, NJ on my boat ARCHANGEL. This is a full-time job and I love being on the water. A lot of my clients are fans of my band and they ask me questions all day when they should be concentrating on fishing instead. I have started this site in the hopes of answering some of those questions beforehand. If you’re interested in booking a trip this is not the place to inquire, go to www.mickeysfishing.com and all of that info is on the website. Also, please try and keep your questions as concise as possible, I’m trying to update this website at least a few times a day. Feel free to ask me anything, be it about fishing, music, relationships, etc. and I will do my best to answer you as quickly as possible. I have all of the messages saved and it might take a few days to see a response.


Concerts for Hurricane Sandy–Jersey Shore–2012-2013–Download Now!

Hurricane Sandy affected a lot of people in the NJ/NY area, some of my closest friends lost their homes and businesses as a result. There are thousands of others who I’ve never met that had it even worse, if that’s even possible. As a lifelong visitor and part-time resident of the NJ shore I felt that I should help out, the best way I know how was to hold some benefit concerts. I am blessed to be able to know and play with some of the finest musicians in the world and everyone I asked agreed to help out without hesitation. The first concert was at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ–the concert was on November 28, 2012. the show sold out well in advance and the music we made was inspired and amazing, I can’t say enough about the crowds either, everyone was so generous and turned a tragedy into a party for one special night. One year later I held another concert, this time on my home turf of Long Beach Island, NJ, this concert and auction to benefit the LBI Fall Classic, a 50 plus year old surf fishing derby which lost it’s funding directly due to Sandy. The 2nd concert was on Sunday, October 6 of 2013. this show again also sold out and featured a lot of familiar faces as well as some more friends. Sponsors came out of the woodwork to donate items to help raise even more money for the derby. Another magic night on an even bigger stage! Sadly, the struggle for my friends continues to this day, my best friend Nick Honachefsky still remains homeless almost 2 years later and the fishing community and other local residents and businesses still struggle to pick up the pieces. It may not be on the news everyday but the situation remains the same for many folks. To this end I’ve decided to make the highlights of these concerts available in a condensed version to the public–I’m also including a button to donate money to my friends if you’d like to, but you certainly don’t have to, there is no obligation on your part to do anymore, but I certainly won’t stop you if you’d like to help out. Rest assured the money will get to the right people and will be greatly appreciated. All I ask is that you please share this page and the music with others. The musicians are: Dean Ween, Guy Heller, Joe Kramer, Dave Dreiwitz, Bill Fowler, Glenn McClelland, Dave Carta, Claude Coleman, Ray Kubian, Chuck Treece, Chris Harford, Eric Slick, Scott Metzger, and Spencer Johnson. Special thanks to the great people at the Sea Shell Beach Club, Scott and Meg from the Saint, Margaret O’Brien, Jim Hutchinson, and Gabe Monago for donating their resources to us.  Follow the Paypal button to donate.

You can download the concerts by clicking here: http://www.chocodog.com/chocodog/sandyconcerts.mp3setlist:
Dickie Betts
It’s Gonna Be a Long Night
1.0 Fuck No
Cracked Actor
Kick Out the Jams
She Fucks Me
Fire on the Mountain
Piss up A Rope
Captain America
High and Mighty
Moonage Daydream

When Ween met Busta Rhymes

My buddy is writing a book where he has 25 bands tell stories about their most memorable live show experience. This is my contribution, a long read but worth it:

My worst gig nightmare—by dean ween —11th grade

ween had just released “the mollusk” album, which is my favorite ween album ever. It is all folky sounding songs about the ocean. Before that record we had released our country album and toured with old session guys from Nashville. We hadn’t been on tour as a rock and roll outfit in some time and we had just assembled what would become our permanent band for the next 18 years. The band was Me and Aaron, Dave Dreiwitz on bass, Claude Coleman on drums, and Glenn McClelland on keyboards. I think it was the 4th gig for that lineup. We got a gig at the State University of NY (SUNY) on the Plattsburgh campus. Plattsburgh is up on the border of NY and Vermont so we figured it would be a bunch of hippies in the crowd. What actually happened was that there were two student councils at SUNY Plattsburgh, a black council and a white council—they got to decide the budget for the concert, who they wanted to play at their big spring fling event. The black students voted for Busta Rhymes, who was our label mate on Elektra Records at that time. The stoner white kids voted for Ween and then it was settled. Ween would play before Busta Rhymes in a massive Gym that held 5,000 people. We rented a van for this one show and drove up, all excited. When we got there it was a giant empty room with no one seemingly in charge. Busta Rhymes posse was there onstage, they had the student sound guy setting up 50 microphones for his boys, they just wandered around the stage and yelled “MAKE SOME NOISE”!. There were tough looking ghetto brothers walking all around the stage and the gym, occasionally yelling into the mics, yo, yo, yo, check one two. Busta Rhymes wasn’t even there. The only thing they needed to soundcheck was a turntable and the 50 mics, the easiest soundcheck in the world. Somehow it took 3 hours. Finally everybody wandered off and it was our turn to soundcheck right as the doors were opening. So I wrote a setlist that heavily featured our new songs from The Mollusk, a very prog-rock record. We go onstage and the whole crowd as far as I can tell, is black people. We start by playing “The Golden Eel”, a song about a fish in Aaron’s fishtank, we wrote the song while tripping on mushrooms. The black people hated it. They started throwing cups, bottles, change, chairs, anything that wasn’t nailed down. By the third song we were dead in the water, as we say in boating land. I just put my head down and played as best as I could, trying hard to tune out the crowd. All of the sudden I felt like someone punched me in the stomach with a baseball bat. I got the wind knocked out of me and stumbled backwards. When I looked up there was a 40 oz. bottle at my feet. It had hit me in the gut/dick. The perpetrator was a 300 lb. black sister who was standing right below me at my monitor. I looked her right in the eye and she waved me forward, as if she was going to tell me a secret. I leaned in and she said “baby, you gots to go.” She then stuck two thumbs down in my face to reinforce the point. And then to make sure I heard her she said again, “MOTHERFUCKER YOU GOTS TO GO.” We started to make it a challenge, us against the crowd, we can do this with dignity right? Wrong. By the time we finished our set it was a game of dodge ball, the whole crowd had a mob mentality, they were throwing everything that wasn’t nailed down with malicious intent and we were stretching our songs as long as they could go, I was taking 10 minute guitar solos just to be a dick. Just for the record, we kicked ass, we were playing with the inspiration of 14 year olds, absolutely fucking shredding to try and win the crowd over to our side. In some sick way I think we did. Anyway, we finish up and find out that Busta Rhymes hasn’t even left BROOKLYN yet! 3 ½ hours away. The teacher rep asks us to go back on and we laughed in his face as we got our check and left.

But that’s not the end of the story. We go back to our hotel, a Holiday Inn off the side of the interstate. Me and my guitar roadie Mick Preston go to the hotel bar and start drinking heavily, trying to forget the whole experience, but not really caring so much. We get wasted and the bar has a pool table that we hold for 4 hours. Around last call, 50 scary looking brothers walk in and some guy comes over to the pool table and says “last game fellas.” It ws Busta Rhymes and his posse. I tell the guy that if Busta wants to shoot pool he has to beat us first, and plus I want to tell him a story. So Busta Rhymes walks over to the pool table and I introduce myself and tell him the story about what it was like opening up for him. After all, we are on the same record label and we both have new records out. Well he thought it was the funniest story he ever heard, me getting hit with bottles—he said “THIS IS MICKEY FROM THE WEEN, THEY’RE NOT VERY POPULAR WITH THE BROTHERS.” He made me re-tell the story of our gig to every guy in his crew and posse and they were laughing their asses off. He paid for the drinks for the rest of the night and me and Mick played doubles against him and his bodyguard on the pool table until like 5am. I think he gave the bartender $5000 to keep the bar open just for us. He was the nicest guy in the world, he kept high fiving me and had me tell him the story of the gig over and over until I was hoarse. He bought all the champagne in the place, Moet– White Star, the best they had. It wasn’t Cristal, but Moet is pretty delicious. That’s pretty much the end of the story. We all stumbled back to our rooms and I distinctly remember him giving me a hug and telling me we’d see each other again out there but it never happened and probably never will again. Not the worst gig experience I’ve ever had, but one of the more memorable.

Me and Diane


Here’s how it would go between me and Diane Sawyer: I take her out and buy her a couple of glasses of wine, then I switch her over to shots, then back to the studio to listen to some new jams, and then some deep eye contact as I move closer, By now her eyes are all wet and she’s feeling relaxed, tipsy, and amorous. Then the clothes come off for some first class boning. Then the next day she makes me breakfast and I realize how old she looks and I feel like a real shitheel. Then she leaves and I try to forget about the whole thing. That’s how it would go between me and Diane Sawyer. I am sorry for this post, honestly.

-Mickey Melchiondo
5th Grade

Dean Ween and Friends Concert 10/6 Beach Haven, NJ


On Sunday, October 6th from 5-9 p.m., acclaimed guitarist Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo (Ween, Moistboyz) will perform a special benefit concert in support of the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic. Mr Melchiondo will perform his own songs, as well as sets with legendary singer songwriter Chris Harford and the Moistboyz. The backing band will feature Eric Slick (Dr Dog), Dave Dreiwitz (Ween) as well as many more of the area’s top musicians and also some surprise guests! Also featured is local favorite and Southside Johnny lead guitarist, Billy Walton and his Billy Walton Band. The benefit show will be held at the Sea Shell Club and Resort on the Beach at Centre Street and Atlantic Avenue in Beach Haven, NJ.
Billed as Dean Ween & Friends, the concert will not only boast four hours of world class rock, but will feature unique auction items from the music, sports and fishing industries, including a Fender Stratocaster guitar, rod and reel outfits from Shimano, a custom rod by CTS Rods, as well as several fishing charters from LBI and local area fishing guides. “The island is a very special place to me and winning the derby was a dream of mine for many years. The devastation that Sandy had on the Island was heartbreaking to me and this is my chance to give something back to to a place that is very dear to my heart. The Island is a magical place in the fall, it was the setting for some of the best work that Ween ever recorded as well as my fondest childhood memories. Fall on LBI without the Derby is unthinkable to me and I hope that anyone else that has ever been touched by LBI in a similar way would come out to this concert and show their support.” – Mickey Melchiondo A charter boat Captain and fishing guide himself, Mickey Melchiondo has been fishing the LBI beaches since childhood, and returns every season to enjoy the outstanding action with bluefish and striped bass.  His band, Ween famously recorded their album The Mollusk while staying at a rented beach house in Holgate back in 1995.  Melchiondo also recently filmed a pilot episode of a television reality show with Les Claypool of the band Primus that features a combination of fishing and rock and roll. The show is currently being shopped to major cable networks. Since 1955, the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber), with generous support from the local business community, the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Tournament has been helping extend the beachfront tourism season while bringing in anglers from all over the region to compete in this fall tradition. Regrettably, the 58th annual event in 2012 was cut short by Superstorm Sandy, which in turn has forced the Chamber to step back on its responsibilities with the tournament.  The Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic committee has undergone revamping and overhaul in recent months, as local business owners and anglers have united to salvage the longstanding tradition. Melchiondo – “Sandy may have been very cruel to LBI, but it also brought out the best in a lot of people as well. The Island is still showing some scars but the Derby is a very important part of the healing process and it is essential that it continues uninterrupted this year and forever. My fishing schedule has me on the water 4 or 5 days a week and yet I still sign up every year and take time to come down and still hope to win it! The best I’ve managed in the past were some daily prizes for biggest fish but I’m not done yet!” The 59th consecutive LBI Surf Fishing Classic is set to kick off for eight consecutive weeks beginning on Monday, October 7th, which makes the October 6th event with Dean Ween & Friends a unique celebration of sorts for anglers and music fans alike.  It also takes place soon after the commencement of the 2013 Chowderfest Classic, giving locals and visitors alike a place to hang while the weekend traffic thins out! The event is a 21 and over event, being held at the Sea Shell Club, which is on the beach in Beach Haven.  Tickets are just $25 apiece and in short supply at Jingle’s Bait and Tackle in Beach Haven, Fisherman’s Headquarters in Ship Bottom and Surf City Bait and Tackle in Surf City. Tickets are also available online at: www.mickeysfishing.com


N. Pappy Flappy

Q- Question::
What’s the story behind “North Pappy Flappy”?

A- The opening line in Aerosmith’s “Home Sweet Home” when Steven Tyler sings “take me back to north Tallahassee!”  We were jamming onstage one night and I just changed it to “pappy flappy”. Then we wrote a whole song around it.

Funny interview from The Onion

I don’t like to talk shit about other bands music. It’s hard enough to make a living and everyone has different tastes. No one has the right to judge something, what works for me and sounds good to my ears might be different for you. Having said that, the concept of this column is pretty genius and they called me to do it and I obliged. Check it out, drink the  Hatorade with me if you will:


Moistboyz have total control (of Facebook)

The new Moistboyz album is finished being mixed and it is an excellent album even by our lofty and biased standards. It will be out very soon, we are planning on touring before the year is out in support of it. We have total control (!) of our Facebook page (not as easy to get back as you think) as well as moistboyz.com (which we haven’t done anything with it just yet. Check out the facebook page for all sorts of nuggets and archival material for now though.


New Moistboyz Video and Single

Schnitzel Records released the new limited edition vinyl of the Moistboyz “Paperboy” today. The song is from the forthcoming album “Moistboyz V Medusa” which will be released this summer. The video was produced by my good friend Zak Pine….dig it!

Wilson Baseball Gloves has a Mr. Miyagi

………and I provide the soundtrack for his work. Check out this commercial I just did for Wilson Baseball Gloves. i played all the instruments and recorded this at my studio not less than 72 hours ago! Quick turnaround.

February Synopsis…………Moistboyz V Finished! Summer Release. Big Fish.

I didn’t bring a laptop with me (on purpose) for the month of February when I went to Austin to finish the Moistboyz fifth album, which is titled “Moistboyz V-Medusa”. The album is being mixed as we speak and should be out this June or July. We are planning on doing summer tourdates but we haven’t started booking them as of yet. I think it’s the best Moistboyz record ever, hands down. The lyrics, playing, singing, production all far exceed anything that I had in mind when we set out writing it last fall. A hell of a lot of work went into it and you can hear it. I’m not only a close friend of Guy Heller but a big fan too and I don’t mind saying that lyrically and vocally, this is him at his best. I can’t wait to take it to the stage.

From Austin I went to Fort Lauderdale, FL to do a week of charters, followed by three days of filming a pilot episode of a new fishing show with Les Claypool. We had some issues with bad weather but we did get some fishing in and shot some great footage of us hanging out on the boat jamming as well. Les is an avid fisherman and a great guy and I had a great time jamming with him, we hit a groove immediately and he is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever played with. The charters that I ran from 2/17 to 2/24 were some of the best I ever did. We caught Sailfish and Mahi on EVERY TRIP. Anyone who has ever fished before should appreciate how unlikely that is—there are no guarantees in any kind of fishing, especially when targeting Billfish though and in very tough conditions to boot. We even hooked a Blue Marlin on our Tuesday charter and gave it everything we had. Here are some pics from the trip. Special thanks to my buddy Capt. Phil Dunn and his brother Greg—we all worked our asses off despite 16 hour work days to make this happen and were rewarded with a lot of beautiful fish.

About this website………

I have sorta lost interest in this website the past couple of months……….I’m gonna leave it here and resume answering questions if and when I feel like it since I already paid for the domain name and server space. I just don’t feel like answering any questions about the band right now.





Dear Mr. Dean Ween. What is your favorite type of cheese. My friend
and I are a big fan and we both love mild chedar!

A- I could eat nothing but cheese all of the time if it didn’t kill me. I like sharp provolone that smells like stinky feet, I like hot pepper jack cheese on burgers, I love Stilton Blue cheese, I love Alpine Lace Swiss on a chicken breast sandwich, I like all cheeses actually. What a dumb website this is.